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Super Brain Power: 28 Minutes To A Supercharged Brain

By Dane Spotts

Double Blind Study Read Sample Chapters

252 pages
Includes Bonus CD with 2 soundtracks (Super Intelligence & Mozart Brain Boost) plus instruction session by author.
The Ultimate Mind Journey
What you’re about to discover is unlike any other book or CD that’s ever been published. You don’t just read or listen—you experience. How? By taking your brain on a ride of self discovery. A mind-expanding journey of transcendence and peak experiences.

First, read the book and learn about the Brain Supercharger technology, how it was developed and used by thousands worldwide who report how it zaps stress, supercharges their brain, and unfolds profound states of altered consciousness and meditative awareness.

Then—experience it yourself firsthand. The companion CD contains 2 audio soundtracks (Super Intelligence & Mozart Brain Boost) plus an instruction session performed by the author on how to create your own private “mind lab” to benefit from this technology.

The purpose of this book and CD is to teach you how to awaken your genius potential by redirecting the energies of consciousness, opening a window into your inner mind, flooding it with creative energy. Try this breakthrough mind technology along with 19 workshops to “experience” transformation and unleash the awesome hidden powers of your mind.

What Does It Feel Like?

One user described the Brain Supercharger experience as, “it felt like I was sticking my tongue into a 220 volt electrical socket...and plugging my brain into the universe.” Another said, “it was as if I was being launched into another dimension of space-time.” Not everyone’s experiences are mystical, but those who follow the program will feel something quite profound is happening to them. Perhaps the best description of what it feels like to experience transcendence is reported on page 55. “When your mind is “plugged-in” to the universe and “tuned” to the right frequency you are opening a new channel. An entirely new level of possibilities open up to becomes more fluid and exciting. Uncertainty is welcome because there is no fear about the future...The truth is revealed in an instant.” These are industrial mind tools designed to “meditate you.” They are not “new age” music, guided imagery or self-hypnosis. Using a unique audio matrix—a special combination of sound frequencies were engineered to deliver a powerful meditative experience that simply must be experienced to be understood.

This is the world's first book/CD combination you actually plug your brain launch altered states experiences. The goal of Super Brain Power is to share a powerful transformation technology. Not just talk about it...but experience it. This is a new media form, designed not only to teach ideas in an external sense, but to literally take your brain on a ride. An inner journey of self discoveryŃunleashing peak experiences and insights by redirecting the energy patterns of the brain. The enclosed bonus CD contains 2 powerful experimental soundtracks. The first, Super Intelligence, uses the Brain Supercharger technology, (over 500,000 soundtracks incorporating this technology have been sold worldwide) to alter mind state and coax the brain into an alpha-theta pattern of deep meditative awareness and whole brain synchrony... unfolding higher states of consciousness. The second soundtrack on the bonus CD is Mozart Brain Boost. Based on recent studies on the power of music and how it stimulates spatial reasoning, it is designed to enhance focus, concentration and learning by applying a specific musical formula. Super Brain Power teaches you how to set up a "mind lab" in the privacy of your home...unleash both left and right brain power...operate your brain for peak accelerated learning creative floodgates...mind mapping workshop...visualization workshop...intuition training...dream mindscripting technology. 19 unique mind development tools and workshops. Plus learn how the Brain Supercharger technology was invented and is used to erase fears and wipe out self-sabotaging behavior. Includes reprint of a double blind study which as reported by the study's author Dr. Lawrence Cory; "...daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener...the Brain Supercharger appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways."

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