Meditation Tools, CD's, Books, and Mind Training materials. An experimental new series from the makers of ultra meditation.
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Mind Tek Products

Books & CDs: Meditation

Click here for more information on the X-Mind series!
Experimental Mind Technologies
We named this new experimental program the X-Mind series because their technology settings were specified in the extreme range. The settings contained in these programs require that certain precautions be taken by users... ( more )

Click here for more information on the Ultra Meditation series!
The 5-Level Ultra Meditation Transcendence System
This 5-level System for Transcendence includes 22 meditation CDs & Programs, to experience the ultimate in deep relaxation and meditative... ( more )

Click here for more information on The Moodscape Meditation Library
Adventurous Mind Escapes
Using new digital technology that creates an almost perfect 3-D soundform these four Moodscape Environments mix musical patterns and a special... ( more )

Click here for more information on Eternity - Ultra Meditation VI
Advanced Ultra Meditation Soundtracks
Restricted Purchase Item. This soundtrack originally started out as an experiment over a year ago, and delivers such an incredible high we had to add it to the Ultra Meditation... ( more )

Click here for more information on the Ultra Meditation Basic Kit
The 5-level Ultra Meditation Transcendence System
Zap stress, expand mind power and unleash peak experiences at the push of a button. Why some are calling Ultra Meditation the "Lazy Path" to... ( more )

Books & CDs: Self Improvement

Click here for more information on the Brain Supercharger Mind Lab
The Ultimate Brain Supercharger Collection
12 of the all-time most popular Brain Supercharger titles plus 12 bonus booster soundtracks give you 24 different programs to plug your brain... ( more )

Click here for more information the Super Brain Power book + CD
28 Minutes To A Supercharged Brain
Learn about the Brain Supercharger technology, how it was developed and used by thousands worldwide to zap stress, boost brainpower and unfold... ( more )

Click here for more information on The Photographic Mind Book + CD
Holographic Memory System
The ultimate memory course published in book form and incorporating the Brain Supercharger Technology. 14 Interactive workshops sequentially... ( more )

Click here for more information on the Brain Supercharger Mind Lab
5 Breakthrough Technologies On 35 CDs Total
Includes the Brain Supercharger - Mind Lab (12 titles),
Millionaire’s Mind (2 CDs), Triggers-Motivation (6 CDs), The Photographic Mind (8 CDs),... ( more )

Click here for more information on The Millionaire's Mind
Wealth Conditioning System
Powerful new mind mapping technique teaches your unconscious mind to link winning feelings with success actions. 6 CDs each with a unique Programmer... ( more )

Click here for more information on The Secret To Living The Perfect Life
Discover The Secret To Living A Perfect Life.
A simple but profound truth that once internalized will allow you to transform the way you think about your experience in the world. Dane Spotts... ( more )


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