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Brain Supercharger Mind Lab

12 amazing titles teach you how to zap stress, boost brainpower, & unleash the awesome powers of your "inner" mind. It's been called, "The most phenomenal discovery of the decade."
A breakthrough audio technology that alters consciousness opening a doorway into your subconscious to rewire negative self-sabotaging beliefs. Using a powerful combination of sound frequencies and special audio effects, your body becomes extremely relaxed as your mind is driven inward and fed a steady flow of psychic energy. Words can hardly describe the experience but it's like taking a 2 week vacation in 28 minutes.

What does a session feel like? One user described it as, " felt like I was sticking my tongue into a 220 volt electrical socket." Another said "It was as if I was being launched into another dimension." Training your brain to enter these dream-like alpha-theta mind states can have enormous benefits. Users report reduced stress, enhanced creativity, peak experiences, and feelings of psychological well-being. Even out-of-body experiences. Dr. Cory, author of a double blind study reports, "Daily usage seems to have a profound effect on the mental functioning of its listener...the Brain Supercharger¨ appears to alter the personality of its users in essentially positive and life-enhancing ways."

Pick a title (12 are included in your Mind Lab) and plug in via stereo headphones. The Brain Supercharger automatically meditates you by synchronizing your brain state into an optimal psycho-physical pattern for deep meditation and expanded awareness. Along with the Brain Supercharger technology each of your 12 CD titles also incorporate a proprietary "mindscripting" technique designed to bombard your subconscious with positive programming. A second (booster) soundtrack for added reinforcement is included on each CD.

This is powerful mind technology guaranteed to not only supercharge your brain, but your life.


12 Brain Supercharger Titles 1. Ultra Success Conditioning, 2. Ultra Weight Control, 3. Winning Personality/Self-Image, 4. Attract Wealth & Prosperity, 5. Soaring Self-Confidence, 6. Mastering Stress, 7. Unleash Creativity, 8. Super Memory/ Accelerated Learning, 9. Sports Performance, 10. Improve Love Relationships, 11. Super Immunity/Health, 12. Enhanced Psychic Awareness

Mindscripting Technology - Each Brain Supercharger CD includes 2 soundtracks with Mindscripting technology designed to open a window into the unconscious and implant positive programming.

Read the Brain Supercharger study here.

12 Brain Supercharger CDs, User's Guide, BONUSES: Super Brain Power Book & Experimental CD
Item #7025..........................$199.95 + S&H

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